There is no doubt that our diets are changing constantly in this modern world we live in.  There are always new studies that tell us what happens if we eat or drink too much of certain types of foods and the best types of foods for optimum health.

I am a believer in cooking real food with wholesome ingredients.   The most wholesome of these is bread.  There is nothing quite like making your own bread from scratch.  Whether it’s a loaf of brown soda bread, a simple white yeast loaf or if you want to go adventurous, you can make your own sourdough.

All of these styles of baking are simple, provided you have the correct ingredients.  A homemade loaf of bread only contains the four basic ingredients – flour, salt, yeast, and water – or varieties thereof.  You can be assured that your loaf of bread doesn’t contain any chemical preservatives, added sugar or any other oddities that our bodies shouldn’t be consuming.

In our upcoming bread classes I will be teaching these different styles of bread making and showing you delicious breads and techniques from around the world.

Here are some photos of my most recent sourdough starter, and the resulting loaf, which is a San Francisco sourdough recipe from Dan Lepard’s book.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming bread classes on our website.